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Daily Internet Packages for Ufone 2020:

Get the latest Ufone internet packages 2020 updated list for daily purposes. These internet packages are fresh and updated. Ufone daily net packages for one day. Comes with the comfort of relief for the whole week and at a minimum price. Ufone prepaid also offers 500 MB daily heavy 3G packages which is one of the best data bundles.

Power Hour60 MBs + 60 SMS
and 60 ON Net Minutes
Validity : 1 Day
*99#Rs. 6
Ufone Special Daily 3G Package

50 MBs
Validity : 1 Day
*3461# Rs. 6
Ufone Social Daily Package

100 MBs

*4422#Rs. 6
Ufone Daily Chat Package

500 MBs and 10,000 SMS
Validity : 1 Day

*3465# Rs. 6
Ufone Streaming Offer

500 MBS
*78#Rs. 10
Ufone Daily Light 3G Package

40 MBS*2256#Rs. 12
Ufone Mega Daily 3G Package

2048 MBs *550# Rs.15
Ufone Daily Pakistan Offer

10 MBs and 100 SMS *888#
Ufone Daily Heavy 3G Package
75 MBs *2258#

Weekly Ufone internet Packages 2020:

Moreover, they also give a wide range of  Ufone weekly net packages. So Users Can get relief for the whole week by subscribing to Ufone weekly internet bundles by simply dialing a code below on your phone. Here is the list of most using Ufone net packages weekly offered by ufone. However, the company made the list of Ufone 3g internet packages Just For you.

Ufone Weekly Light 3G Package

250 MBs
Validity 7 Days
*7811# Rs. 50
Ufone Weekly Super Internet Package

1024 MBs
Validity 7 Days

Rs. 100
Ufone Weekly Pakistan Offer
100 MBs and
700 ON-Net Minutes
Validity 7 Days
Ufone Asli Chappar Phaar Offer

1000 MBs + 100 ON-Net Minutes
and 100 SMS
Validity 7 Days

Ufone Weekly Heavy 3G Package

500 MBs
Validity 7 Days

Ufone Weekly Super Internet

1024 MBs
Validity 7 Days

Ufone Weekly Internet Plus

3000 MBs
Validity 7 Days


Latest Ufone internet Packages Monthly 2020:

However, Large range of Monthly Ufone net packages and its super card and super card plus: So Visitors Can Take relief for the whole Monthy by subscribing Ufone Monthly data packages by simply dialing a code below on your phone. So You can buy a super card From the retailer to enjoy Ufone internet services for the whole week. This is the list of most using Ufone net packages Monthly. But we made the list of Ufone Whole week internet package Just For you. with our love. Why You use it? You Can get freedom for a whole month.

Ufone Sim Lagao Offer
6000 MBS
6000 ON-Net Minutes
6000 SMS
Validity 30 Days
Automatically ActivateFree
Ufone Nayi Sim Offer 1000 MBs
500 ON-Net Minutes
25 Off-Net Minutes Validity 30 Days

Rs. 50

Ufone Monthly Lite

1000 MBs



Ufone Monthly 1GB 3G Package

1024 MBs *7807#


Ufone Monthly Pakistan Package

400 MBs
4000 ON-Net Minutes
10,000 SMS
Validity: 30 Days
Offer Only Available on Official Site

Ufone Super Card

1200 MBs
1000 ON-Net Minutes
150 OF-Net Minutes
4000 SMS Validity: 30 Days
Buy SuperCard


Ufone Super Card Plus 2000 MBs
1200 ON-Net Minutes
180 OF-Net Minutes
4200 SMS Validity: 30 Days
Buy SuperCard

Ufone Monthly Heavy 3GB

3072 MBs
Validity: 30 Days


Ufone Monthly 10GB 3G Package

10240 MBs
100 SMS
Validity: 30 Days



Want to get free ufone call Packages Get Here:

Ufone Also Provides 3 Day and 15 Days Relief Package For their users to get more choices to select their packages according to there requirements. Because many people want three days and 15 days of relief.

In addition, We cover all the latest Ufone internet packages with a price:

Ufone 3 Days and 14 Days internet Package:

In addition, They also provide different free internet packages you will also get free Facebook, Whatsapp, Free Twitter, and Instagram. We will provide you latest Ufone net packages 2020. Because Ufone Mobile Data bundles provide you a verity of free social media platforms.

Ufone 3 Day 3G Package

100 MBs
Validity 3 Days
Rs. 30
Ufone Super Recharge Package

100 MBs
300 ON-Net Minutes
10 OFF-Net Minutes
700 SMS
Validity 2 Days

Rs. 50

Ufone Mini Card

600 MBs
500 ON-Net Minutes
75 OFF-Net Minutes
3500 SMS
Validity 15 Days
Buy Mini Super Card

Rs. 330

Ufone Power hour and special Daily internet package is best for daily use

Terms & Conditions For Ufone Internet Bundles and Ufone Net packages :

• As you know, Charges of fifteen paisa’s/call are going to be charged.
• 19.5% devoured usage and alternative taxes on bill/recharge apply.
• So Capital of Pakistan, AJK, Gilgit/Baltistan and FATA eighteen.5% FED and alternative taxes on bill/recharge can apply.
• And The capital of Pakistan, AJK, Gilgit/Baltistan and FATA a further zero.84% are going to be charged on all services and packages.

Why These charges: These are Government Taxes and duties.

In conclusion, It’s our honor to provide you the latest Ufone internet packages, So I will provide you the details for daily, weekly and monthly Ufone net pkg details. 

Network IN Pakistan:

However, Ufone offers its internet to there users with the best coverage area network in Pakistan. It has now both 3G and 4G Internet Service in Pakistan. The company also provides different free internet package and you will also get free Facebook, Whatsapp, Free Twitter, and Instagram. I will provide you latest Ufone net pkg 2020. There Mobile Data bundles provide you a verity of free social media platforms.

Our List Also contains Best Ufone 3G Packages 2020.

In other words,  It gives a bright range of internet packages to keep their customers who love to spend more time on the internet on their phones. They have a wide range of 3G and 4G Internet and keep going to enhance their service. We are Here to help Ufone internet users to get the latest.

More Info About Packages:

Moreover, It has a network area coverage of more than twelve thousand peoples along with motorways or Highways and Hilly Areas. It is the 3rd Telecom Company In Pakistan’s Marketplace. and has HeadQuater is based in Islamabad. Brand Also owns Ptcl now it has the largest network in Pakistan.

Service also offers its Supercard, Supercard plus Which gives you relief for a whole month. However, Companies are continuously improving their telecom technologies to provide their users with with with the best experience.

How you can Subscribe to Ufone data bundles:

However, Bundles and Ufone internet package are made for people who loved chatting. So customers can try a code that all the customer needs to subscribe to internet packages and Ufone data bundles which is *3# you can dial it and subscribe to your latest Ufone data bucket simply by following the instructions available on the screen and after dialing this code.

Remember that all social media sites like Whatsapp, Facebook, and Twitter. When you are using an internet bucket and Supercard then you will be charged for using social media sites if you are using it. Because it will be deducted from your Supercard MBs.

So people preferred to subscribe to weekly packages as the get a bunch of MBS to be used on the internet. For instance, I have now both 3G And 4G Internet Service pkg for Ufone in Pakistan. So you can get experience on how to subscribe to a package.

Achievements Of The Company:

However, The firm is now a part of Emirates Telecommunication. So The Parent organization of Ufone is PTCL Which is the largest internet service provider in Pakistan And Therefore have the largest Broadband Network In Pakistan. A company was founded in January 2001.

Similarly, the market share of Ufone is 14% among all the mobile operators. And It is now serving 22 million peoples in the four states of Pakistan. With a gross net revenue of 2.5 Billion. Ufone launched the LTE network among the twin cities(Rawalpindi and Islamabad) in 2019. Now it is serving more than 22 cites with LTE. If You Want to  Check more about Ufone click here. As you know, It’s our honor to provide you the latest packages for Ufone internet, So we provide you the details for daily, weekly and monthly Ufone net packages and bundles details.

More Info :

However, Unlimited free facebook is provided to every user who is the subscriber of this network. And The best part is you don’t have to pay any charge for the subscription of this package. So If you are not free for the whole day you can also use Ufone power hour to spend some time on the internet. In addition, it will give you 60 free MBs 60 Free Minutes And SMS For one hour in just six rupees. But if you are a chat lover so you must have to try this Ufone daily chat package which also the best package for the internet and chat lovers. Moreover, If you are a user who wants more data daily you can also check the Ufone mega daily 3G Package. For one day in just 15 Rupees.

Why Us

In addition, We also have weekly bundles for Ufone to give you relief for the whole month. Weekly bundles of Ufone are less expensive and you can get more data at a low price. Weekly internet plus is the best package and bundle for the customers who love to use the internet and spend a lot of time on social media and other internet services. Similarly, these packages allow users to get 3GB internet data for a week which is enough for every user. Do you know I love to spend time on the internet and love to write information which will help peoples?

Any Query?

As you know, Ufone is the largest Tele-Brand in Pakistan. Which has a lot of customers in Pakistan because of its cheap rates and good signals all over the country. It provides 3G, 4G and LTE services. But IF you are not liking these packages subscribe to Ufone 3gb internet packages weekly.

Therefore, Ufone has a lot of packages that include internet bundles, text bundles and calls bundles. So at t this time we are giving you information regarding internet bundles. However, We cover the latest Ufone internet packages monthly 2020 code and we are sure you can get all the details here on this site. for latest Ufone internet packages with price.

Ufone-Power-Hour-Package 2020

How to Unsub Ufone Internet Packages?

To unsubscribe Ufone internet packages. So You just have to send an unsub message to the code without * and # on the same code you have subscribe to this package. But if you subscribe to daily internet packages they will automatically unsubscribe after one day.

How to deactivate Ufone internet packages?

Just send unsub to the desire package subscription code and you will get unsubscribed.

How to deactivate Ufone internet packages 810?

Send unsub to 810 and you will get unsubscribed to this package.

How to check Ufone internet packages?

Open your dial-pad and dial *706# or you can use My Ufone android app to check your Ufone internet packages.