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Ufone Weekly Hybrid Package *4466: A Comprehensive Communication Solution


In today’s rapidly changing society, it is essential to stay connected with others. Having a dependable mobile plan is vital to ensure that communication flows smoothly. Ufone, a well-known telecommunications company in Pakistan, provides a wide variety of packages to meet the specific requirements of its customers. The Ufone Weekly Hybrid Package *4466 is an excellent option for a comprehensive communication solution. It offers a perfect combination of minutes, SMS, and data, ensuring that users can stay connected without concerns about running out of balance.

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The Ufone Weekly Hybrid Package *4466 is an excellent option for users who want a convenient and affordable package to meet their communication needs for a week. The package includes:

  • A well-balanced distribution of resources.
  • Providing minutes for both on-net and off-net calls.
  • SMS bundles.
  • A generous data allowance to ensure uninterrupted connectivity throughout the week.

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The Ufone Weekly Hybrid Package *4466 provides the following resources:

Minutes used within the network

Users are given a substantial amount of on-net minutes with this package. On-net minutes refer to the minutes assigned for making calls to other Ufone numbers. This feature allows you to easily communicate with your friends, family, and colleagues who are also Ufone users without being concerned about the cost of calls.

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Minutes used outside of the network

The Weekly Hybrid Package *4466 includes off-net and on-net minutes. Off-net minutes refer to the allocated minutes that can be utilized for making phone calls to numbers on different networks. This feature makes it easy for you to connect with people using various telecom networks.


SMS bundles are a convenient way to manage text messaging needs. They allow you to purchase a specific number of text messages at a discounted rate, which can be used over a certain

Communication extends beyond phone calls; people often use text messages as a popular method to stay connected. The package provides a wide range of SMS bundles, enabling you to easily send messages to your contacts, whether a brief greeting or a crucial update.

Data allowance refers to the amount of data allocated or allotted to a user within a specific period. It is a measure of the data usage limit that a user is permitted to consume

The Ufone Weekly Hybrid Package *4466 is known for its generous data allowance. This feature enables you to connect to the internet, explore your preferred websites, review emails, and even engage in social media without concerns about data depletion throughout the week.

Please guide me on subscribing to the Ufone Weekly Hybrid Package by dialing *4466.

To subscribe to the Ufone Weekly Hybrid Package *4466, follow these easy steps:

Please dial *4466# from your Ufone prepaid SIM.

You can expect a confirmation message containing all the details about the package and its validity.

Make the most of your week by utilizing the allocated resources for seamless communication.

Terms and Conditions

The Ufone Weekly Hybrid Package *4466 is exclusively offered to Ufone prepaid customers.

The package will remain valid for seven days starting from the subscription date.

Calls made using this package may incur standard call setup charges.

The package will be renewed automatically after seven days unless you choose to unsubscribe.

To check the remaining resources (minutes, SMS, and data), dial *707# from your Ufone SIM.