Harry Styles’ hidden trait exposed by pal amid stalker distress



Harry Styles’ friend from school dished details about their time together amid disturbing stalker encounter

Photo:Harry Styles hidden trait exposed by pal amid stalker distress
Photo:Harry Styles’ hidden trait exposed by pal amid stalker distress

Harry Styles reportedly was not ‘cool’ during his early years.

According to the latest report of the Mirror, the 28-year-old singer’s best friend spilled the beans on their ‘carefree’ school days.

Recounting their time together, Will Sweeney claimed, “We definitely weren’t cool.”

He then touched on the apparent ‘extraverted’ nature of the popular singer and said, “Harry and I used to play on the football team so I guess we were friends with everyone.”

“But we wore belts made out of shoelaces, so that just about sums it up,” he joked.

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In an earlier conversation, Will also shared, “Harry said, ‘I don’t want to sing.’ But I didn’t give him a choice.”

“Being in the band really helped his confidence because people used to say he was a really good singer. There was a born performer in there, he just had to find it. But when his ¬confidence grew, he was amazing,” he concluded.

Its is pertinent to mention here that this comes after The Sun reported that Harry Styles was left ‘shaken up’ after a disturbing stalker encounter. 


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