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Armed with brains and blessed with killer looks, Hamza Ali Abbasi is no stranger to the screen (The Legend of Maula Jutt, anyone?). After five years, Hamza has made his TV comeback with yet another stellar performance as Shahram in Jaan-e-Jahan, released in December 2023. 

Delving into his role in an interview with Next Level Backstage, Hamza had nothing but admiration for his character Shahram. 

“He is so positive, and we needed a character like this in society,” said Hamza. “To me, being a man and being in love doesn’t mean just taking love. Love can mean supporting the one you love in their dreams and ambitions, and it’s important to show that as a role model.”

Hamza, however, was quick to add that Jaan-e-Jahan is not just a story about a guy and a girl.

“There are multiple storylines that come together after many delicate manoeuvres,” he explained, praising the writers for weaving an intricate plot with skill and finesse.

The one scene that stands out for Hamza is the gut-wrenching moment where Shahram discovers the death of his father, played by Asif Raza Mir. With grief and devastation written raw across his face, Hamza brings the scene to harrowing life, collapsing into inconsolable sobs. 

“‘I actually had to break down like a child,” recalled Hamza. “It was my favourite scene.”

Despite putting his heart and soul into his work, Hamza confessed that he was the most laid back out of the cast. This, however, is not in any way a problem for either him or his team.

“Everyone is very chilled and laidback,” shared the actor. “No one is hot-headed in our team, cast or crew. Everyone is funny.”

With such a laid back, comfortable cohort and a dedicated team of talented writers, it is little wonder Hamza could not recall a single untoward moment throughout the production. Sharing an enviable bond with his onscreen brothers – both onscreen and off – with whom he can talk for hours about anything, Hamza hopes that audiences will enjoy his latest project as much as he has. 

“It’s a very, very good package,” he said seriously. “I just really hope you like Jan-a-Jahan.”

After such high words of praise, there is little doubt that we will. 

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